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NU Alpha Kappa Psi

northwestern's premier business fraternity


Freshman year of college, I joined Northwestern's Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity. I soon became the Webmaster which led to me designing and building the fraternity website using Squarespace.

Though the website may now look different as I am no longer the Webmaster, you can find the link to the site here


After constructing the site, my job consisted of updating it such as its "brother spotlights". (This is my best friend Jessica Tan!)


One of the most important things I needed to do was to make the site as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Thus, I used a lot of images to bring color and light to the professional vibe of the website.


In addition to my role as the Webmaster, I was also the Rush Chair who is in charge of processing all of the applications and helping guide the applicants through the rush process.


I chose to use Squarespace for this project mainly because of its low barrier of entry. I knew that I would move on from the Webmaster position and wanted to find a platform that my successors could pick up easily. Additionally, Squarespace also offers some very beautiful templates that I am a big fan of.