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revolutionizing summer storage - just for u


StoreU was a startup project I worked on my Sophomore fall for an entrepreneurship class. I was the co-founder and developer for the team. Through StoreU I was able to learn the basics of business development

You can find the project here

You can find our pitch deck here, our financial projections here, and our business plan here

the need

StoreU seeks to fill the gap of college students' need for summer storage options. It addresses two markets: 1. Storage users who need to find a place to put their things over the summer 2. Storage providers who are trying to monetize their extra space


I developed all of the HTML and CSS on this page. Unfortunately, with my skillset at the time, I wasn't able to make it responsive. That was definitely my biggest regret.


Similar to Airbnb's map feature, we wanted to implement a map where users can use to find storage options in their vicinity.


Card design is something I'm quite interested in. I'm a big fan of Google's Material Design so learning to make card designs is a must!

ruby on rails

This project was the first time I used Ruby on Rails in quite a while. It was certainly a really pleasant experience to pick up on the skillsets I developed at Dev Bootcamp.


Though this site is really only a mockup, to make it more legit, I hosted it on Heroku. Again, you can find the project here