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your personal northwestern social event venue planner


VENU is a startup project that I did for an entrepreneurship class I took at Northwestern. The idea is simple: Airbnb for event venues. I was the developer for the team and was responsible for making the website.

proof of concept

I built this website on Squarespace as a proof of concept. I wanted to be able to quickly develop a good looking site that give our potential customers a sense of reassurance. Additionally, we did not need any complex features at the time.

the problem

VENU seeks to solve the problem many college student organizations have: finding affordable and quality event venues. In addition to developing the site, I also had the opportunity to work on customer acquisition and sales.


These are some of the partnerships we were able to form over the course of two months. We were able to negotiate with and acquire a few reputable event venues in the Chicago area.


Details matter. We wanted to provide the customer with as many known facts about the listing as possible. One of the big features we sought to implement was a user review system. Unfortunately we were unable to do so within two months as we did not have enough traction.

first customers

We wer actually able to acquire customers within the first two months through a sorority on campus. From there, VENU proved itself!


This is another project that wasn't super technical as it was built on Squarespace. Nevertheless, it was incredibly useful for my developing a sense of style and aesthetic and for building up my confidence in front-end development.

scrum & teamwork

A major emphasis of this class was the SCRUM methodology. It is a framework to help teams work more productively. It was definitely a huge learning experience and helped me develop as a better entrepreneur and leader.