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interweaving your social and productive lives


Weave is the first web app I developed on my own. It was a project I did while I was at the coding bootcamp, Dev Bootcamp. It is a simple calendar application built on Ruby's Sinatra framework. The logo was designed by my friend Sean Liao.

baby steps

I incorporated simple OAuth to enable Twitter and Facebook logins. Though it's nothing special, it was certainly something extremely exciting in my learning journey at the time.


Users can create, read, update, or delete (CRUD) calendar events just like any calendar application.


Weave was actually my first step into front-end design. I never thought I had artistic skills until I worked on this project. Now, thanks to Weave, I'm able to design and code this entire website you're looking at!


One of the extra features I added into Weave was a GoogleMap API. It's another technology item I explored that I found to be super cool at the time.


Dev Bootcamp is a Ruby on Rails camp. However, we first learned Sinatra to drive home the basics. (Fun fact, I sing a lot of Frank Sinatra songs)

going public

Github skills were a huge learning item at Dev Bootcamp. So there you have it. The Github repo for Weave can be found here