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learn coding through massive exposure


ZeroTo11 was my friends Sherif Abushadi, Riley Scheid, and I's attempt to improve education. We built products that taught coding through massive exposure. (think learning French through watching movies and reading books but applied to coding)

This product in particular shows the user 30 different code solutions that do the same thing. The user only has 5 seconds to read each solution.

the build

Sherif made a scraper which got code solutions from then displayed them along with a 5 second timer through React.js.

elixir & phoenix

Meanwhile, I spent my time self-learning Elixir, a functional programming language, and its Phoenix web framework. Our intention was to use ZeroTo11 products to teach Elixir as it is an up and coming language in the web development industry.

This is a blog post I wrote to improve my learning.


After spending two months on the project, we decided to move on from the project. The user tests did not show positive results and communication between the team was difficult as this was everyone's side project. Nevertheless, this was my first step into the education sector and it certainly sparked my interest in the ed-tech space.