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spenser huang 黃聖文 - rookie.

adventures, blockchain, cocktails, development, entrepreneurship. los angeles, taipei, boston, chicago

who i am

about me

  • I spend my time blogging about blockchain, backpacking in random places, building communities, making cocktails, and enjoying life! I am also an avid fan of motorcycles, traveling, and whiskey.

fun facts about me

  • - I solo-hiked the virginia to pennsylvania portion of the appalachian trail
  • - I love riding motorcycles and I own a 2005 sym wolf 125 in Taiwan
  • - I taught myself how to make cocktails and now run a private bar
  • - I host weekly meetups where strangers share their stories with each other

what i'm working on


CEO, Bartender

An Exclusive Private Cocktail Experience


Founder, CEO

The Personal Growth Community For You


Founder, CEO

Developing Taiwan's Value-Based Leaders

NU Blockchain

Building Engagement Leader

Northwestern University's Blockchain Club

things i've built

places i've been